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Time Out Corner
(compiled by the Senegal List Members)

Please send contributions to Ann & Maka. :-) Remember to add your name, your birdie's name and your birdie's birth date!

bird graphic This is what Maki gets to write on the chalkboard:

I will NOT try to drink from the same glass as mom (at the same time) and nip her lip so she'll give me more room.
I will NOT try to bite the dog who is cleaning up after me.
I will NOT bite daddy, even though he has no business touching my mommy.
I will NOT scream bloody murder when mom leaves to go to school.
I will learn to say something other than "Wacky Maki".
I will NOT get moody when I'm molting.
I will NOT chew holes in every t-shirt mom wears (only the designated ones).
I CAN step-up on command.
I will get over my fascination with bobby-pins.
I will NOT poop on mom every two minutes when she takes me to get my wings and nails trimmed (it discourages the potential owners).
I will NOT attempt to pull the keys off the keyboard when mom's typing.

bird graphic Tuka adds:

I will NOT plant my feet firmly on my water cup and then bite mom when she tries to change my water.
I will NOT nip Bucky the TAG's toes if Bucky forgets I'm here and walks on top of my cage.
I will NOT try to pierce the cats' ears or toes.
I will NOT get all excited and dance on mom's hand, then bite her.
I will NOT toss my new fruity Nutriberries onto the cage floor then expect mom to get me another one.
I will NOT confuse my mom's nose for a bad bird and bite it.
I will NOT bother my mom by chewing the eye out of the cloth parrot on her t-shirt when she's trying to update her web pages.

bird graphic Kiwi (6 months), adds

I will NOT charge across dad's stomach - chest full speed toward his face, only stopping to chew at his beard stubble
I will never again chew on a button
I will NOT fly across the room and try to land in dad's spaghetti
I will NOT get hopelessly tangled in mom's hair
I will stop dunking my crunchies in my water so that it has to be changed every 5 minutes
I will NOT shriek at the top of my lungs when I sense mom or dad's arrival at home
I will NOT walk to the edge of my playpen and drop my nutriberry (or other treat) on the floor a million times in a row

bird graphic Murphy's contributions:

I will stop mistaking mom's acrylic nails for chew toys
I will drop my morning bomb BEFORE mom takes me out of my cage
I will stop destroying my expensive toys
I will NOT act like a pitt-bird to mom's cockatiels
I will NOT attempt to 'find' mom in the house if I can't see her

bird graphic Manu Aloha (4 months), adds:

I will NOT bite my sisters because I think I fall third in the chain of command.
I will NOT purposely go to the edge of my jungle gym to drop bombs on mom's coffee table.
I will NOT go into the box of pictures when my sister is babysitting me and chew holes in them.
I will NOT chew my apples into little bitty pieces and fling them all over the table and floor.
I will NOT chew the phone cord in half when daddy is talking on the phone.
I will NOT bite the fake diamonds out of mommy's hairclips anymore.
I will NOT drop empty seed shells in daddy's shoes when he leaves them where I can get them.
I will NOT bite the buttons off of the remotes.
I will NOT bite the buttons off of daddy's new watch when he is typing on the computer.

bird graphic Francesca's Contribution:

I will NOT attach myself to anyone's nose.
I will NOT jump into plates full of spaghetti.
I will NOT climb onto the curtain rod and shriek at the other bird in the house.
I will NOT try to put Mom's mascara on my beak.
I will NOT climb in Tobi's cage the minute she gets out and poop in the water.
I will NOT haul birdie-buns over to attack the 60 lb. dog when I have nothing else to do, and finally,
I will NOT take a bath in Mom's mineral water when she is not looking!

bird graphic Okay, I have to add Kiwi's list too:

I will NOT unmount mom's gemstones from her stud earrings.
I will not pluck hairs from daddy's beard or nose.
I will not floss mom's teeth with my beak.
I will not try to remove moles from mom's body...I'll leave that to the dermatologist.
I will not bite my sister Tiffany (sheltie) on the nose when she comes to say hello.
I will not scream out of control the moment mom and dad walks in the door from work until they take me out of the cage.
I will not try to take the stone out of mom's wedding ring.

bird graphic Nikki adds-

I will not run away from my daddy every time he tries to pick me up if he doesn't have any food to offer me.
I will not try to pull off my mommy's finger nails
I will not bite my mommy's nose or ear just when I feel like it
I will eagerly go back into my cage when it's bed time
I will not chew holes in the shower curtain, window sill, leather chairs, mom's wallet, wallpaper, and most important mom and dad's fingers!
I will NOT chew the cord off the vacuum ever again.
I will NOT look cute and petable and then bite the teenage boy who lives here.
I will NOT ride on the dog's back and then bite him just before I leap off onto the couch.
I will NOT climb the lamp cord up to the printer and chew all the paper to bits.
I will NOT chase the teenage boy away from the tv and out of the living room.
I will NOT chew holes in bags of nuts and decorate the kitchen with them.
I will NOT chase the dog from his food bowl.
I will NOT yell "PRETTY NIKKI!" when Mom says "Good girl, Tobi."
I will NOT get on top of Tobi's cage and threaten to keep it.

bird graphic Caralyn's Jake adds:

I will not try to bite my brother Mieko(cockateil) and chase him off mommy's other shoulder.
I will let someone other then mom hold me every now and again.
I will not pick up my food bowl and throw it over the side of my jungle gym.
I will stop being obsessed with mommys teeth when she talks.
I will stop sneaking into Meiko's cage and stealing his millet.
I will keep my noisy beak shut when mommy's on the phone, and not scream "pretty poopie baby" in her ear.
I will not step-up on my human sister or brothers hand and then proceed to bite them.
I will wait until at least 8 am on the weekends before I scream at the top of my lungs.
I will learn to say "I want a peanut" when I'm hungry, not rely on nipping noses to get the point across.
I will not attack the sponge while mom tries to clean up after me.
I will not try, every morning, to get a taste, just one taste, of mom's  coffee.
I will not climb up mom's arm every time she reaches up into a cabinet, just to sit on her hand.

Signed, Jake. Born 10-28-98, residing with Mom (Caralyn), sister (Jessica) and brother (James). Just bearly puts up with Other Bird  (Meiko).

/senegal/birdzz3.gif (1071 bytes) Jezebel's List

Hi, my name is Christian. My (so she believes) significant other is Jezebel, a 10 month old Senegal. Here's her list.

I will not suddenly recall all the whistles you've been trying to teach me, and perform them mucho gusto, only while you're out of the room.
I will not use my freaky psychic powers so I can SHRIEK just as Chris falls asleep.
I will not use my freaky psychic powers to peer into other dimensions over Chris' shoulder, giving him a disabling case of the heebie-geebies.
I will make an effort to "hold it in" occasionally, in every sense.
I will stop petitioning for inter-species marriage.
I will recognize that not every shirt is a designated "Poop Shirt".

/senegal/birdzz3.gif (1071 bytes) Dakota's List

I will NOT poop on the bed every 2 minutes!
I will NOT make mommy and Daddy look like FOOLS when they tell their friends that come over that I talk, and I wait till they leave to START talking!
I will NOT play with earrings, chains, rings when they are being worn!
I will NOT kiss mommy & Daddy only after i just ate a Hot pepper!
I will STOP taunting my neighbors Jewel & Star! (Blue masked Lovebirds)

-Dakota, birthday 12/21/98; I own Jim & Felicia

/senegal/birdzz3.gif (1071 bytes) Jaime, age over 2 years, Jaime wants to add to the Time Out Corner list:

I will NOT fly across to the kitchen to scare my doggie brother away from  his food!
I will NOT scream at my adoptive father while he is on the computer!
I will NOT pretend to want to be scratched behind the head, then bite the unwitting person who tries to accommodate me!
I will NOT chew through the twisty-ties that close my doors, and then fly to the couch and poop all over it, and then look innocent!
I will NOT lift up my foot to 'step up', and then bite the hand that tries to pick me up!
I will not nibble lovingly on my mommy's neck and then bite ferociously on her neck when she tries to get me off her shoulder!
I will NOT growl at my adoptive father when he tries to pick me up!
I WILL stop regurgitating food from the night before--it's smelly!
I will NOT fly onto my birdie brother Lorenzo's cage when I have my free-time!
I will NOT try to bite my birdie brother Lorenzo's toes off when I land on his cage!
I will NOT bite my doggie brother Gomez on the nose when he comes to clean off the floor by my cage!
I will NOT try to bite my doggie brother Gomez's tail when I'm out and he's not paying attention!
I WILL remain calm when outside birds come to use the feeders!
I will NOT laugh when people die on E.R.!
I will NOT mimic the telephone while my mommy is in the shower!
I will NOT laugh like a maniac when my mommy comes running out of the shower, dripping wet, trying to answer the phone that wasn't actually ringing!!!!!!!

Thank you, Senegal lovers! Jaime is a typical Senegal--your other member's and their Senegal buddies have illuminated that fact a thousand times over!!! :)


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