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Time Out Corner - page 2
(compiled by the Senegal List Members)

Please send contributions to Ann & Maka. :-) Remember to add your name, your birdie's name and your birdie's birth date!

Hi! ...I am Lu and my boy is Murphy McDuck; 3 years old Jan. 20, 2001. And here is what my dear little orange-belly has to say for himself!!

I will NOT stalk the cockatiels
I will NOT chase the tiels from their cage, take it for myself and gloat.
I will NOT attack the phone just as Mom puts it to her ear.
I will NOT pluck the nose pieces off Mom's glasses while they are still on her face.
I will NOT pluck the nose pieces off Mom's glasses, period.
I will NOT chew up Mom's toothbrush.
I will NOT chew up Mom's magic markers, pencils, pens and paintbrushes.
I will NOT chew holes in Mom's cookbooks and magazines.
I will NOT chew up the keys to Mom's new SUV; the expensive keys with the computer chip in them.
I will NOT remove the buttons from the TV remote nor bite thru the cord of Dad's computer joystick.
I will NEVER remove the buttons from shirts, never put holes in T-shirts or tear up bra straps.
I WILL go potty when Mom tells me to go potty.
I WILL always tattle on the tiels when they are running around on the floor.
I WILL always clean Mom's teeth for her and help remove her hair rollers.
I WILL always laugh so I can hear Mom and dad laugh even louder.
I WILL always be Mom and Dad's precious little boy!

Jule is is almost 11 months old. he was born Feb. 1 2000.(and after reading the bad list, I'd say my bird is pretty good. Finally taught him to leave my earrings alone. but then he's moved on to bobby pins and overall buckles.)
My Husband, Scott and My (Carol) bird's list is as follows:

I will NOT try to pry open mommy or daddy's mouth to get at their food or gum.
I will NOT try to pull off all the french knots on mommy and daddy's wedding quilt. (hand-embroidered by mommy's grandma)
I will NOT climb down and attack the pen whenever mommy tries to write something down.
I will NOT suddenly attack people's bare feet or attempt to eat their toes after being nice and getting them to trust me.
I will NOT chew up the ends of every shoelace of every shoe I can find.
I will NOT eat carrots out of somebody's hand who is trying to be nice to me, and then set the carrot down to bite him anyway.
I will NOT scream when mommy takes me to the store and the clerk says what a nice bird I am and embarrass mommy when she knows I'm good in every other store.
I will NOT try to eat Mommy's books.
I will NOT jump off my perch to poop on the floor.
I will NOT attempt to sleep under the covers with mommy and daddy.
I will NOT chew the erasers off of all the pencils and pens in the house.
I will eat the yellow banana shaped Zupreem pellets and pretend to like them.
I will stay when I'm told to "stay there. be good."
I will NOT pull out people's hair or the cat's fur or the cockatiel's feathers.
I will Continue to be patient in the morning when I wait for mommy and daddy to get up, continue to be cute and sing in the shower, continue to sit on my perch all night and not take advantage of my freedom, continue to follow mommy and daddy around the house rather than screaming at them, and continue go "poo-poo" when I am told.


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