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Other Links

No endorsement of any product or service (or bird!) is intended by listing a link here. As of 06/09/00, all links were working.

Includes some SENEGAL list members' pages. Members pages are marked with bird picture (if I've missed any, please let me know!)

If you have a page you would like listed here, send the URL and name of the page to Ann & Maka. You might want to add a short description, if it's not obvious what the page is about. :-)

Also, please let me know if any links go "sour" so I can remove/change them.

bird pictureBeaverbrook Aviaries

bird pictureBirdlady's Web Page

bird pictureChristine and Keith's Birdies

bird pictureJeff's Virtual Aviary Senegal page

/senegal/birdzz3.gif (1071 bytes)Katie and Tuka

/senegal/birdzz3.gif (1071 bytes)Michele & Jake's Home page and More pix

bird pictureScott's Old World Aviaries

bird pictureSuki the Senegal Parrot

bird pictureThe Pet Bird Page

bird pictureThe Senegal Parrot Page

/senegal/birdzz3.gif (1071 bytes)WeeBbirds Birdie Video

/senegal/birdzz3.gif (1071 bytes) Jim and Jamila:
http://members.aol.com/mo msbusyok/Jamila.html

/senegal/birdzz3.gif (1071 bytes) Chris & Keith, mommy and daddy to Widget:

/senegal/birdzz3.gif (1071 bytes) Pied Senegals from Porter Birds

/senegal/birdzz3.gif (1071 bytes) Teresa Marrone & Minnesota Tuca: Minnesota Tuca and her finch friends. If you want to see it, you can go to:

/senegal/birdzz3.gif (1071 bytes) Vicky & Petee: http://albums.photopoint.com/j/AlbumIndex?u=135678&a=994651

/senegal/birdzz3.gif (1071 bytes) Bud and Danni (providers of seed and toast) Elmo and Pinot (the new stars of the internet):

/senegal/birdzz3.gif (1071 bytes) Denise & Joey (Aren't I a cutie!):

/senegal/birdzz3.gif (1071 bytes) Check out Speedie, Jazz and Harley Davidson!

/senegal/birdzz3.gif (1071 bytes) Christina and Duncan

/senegal/birdzz3.gif (1071 bytes) Doug Brown
I just took some photos of our Senegal taking a bath with our new digital
camera and posted them on our web page... the camera is an Olympus DL-450.

/senegal/birdzz3.gif (1071 bytes) Miranda and Keely

/senegal/birdzz3.gif (1071 bytes) Helen and Nicodemus

Other sites of interest:
African Parrot Society
A Guide to a Naturally Healthy Bird
Alternative Veterinary Services
Animal Behavior Society
APS's Poicephalus page
Avian Safe Haven
BirdCLICK! - The Clicker Training E-Mail List for Birds
Bird Hotline - for lost or found birds
Birds N Ways
Birds and Lighting website
Hagen Avicultural Research Institute
Holistic Vets
Online Book of Parrots
Parrot, Macaw and Cockatoo Resources
Parrots of the World
Parrot House (The)
Pet Bird Chats, Forums, Mailing Lists, Advice from the Virtual Parrot
The Birdcage Page
The Birdcage
Up At Six Aviaries


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