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Behavioral Guides and Breeding

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060960239x_m.gif (12253 bytes) Birds on the Couch: The Bird Shrink's Guide to Keeping Polly from Going Crackers and You Out of the Cuckoo's Nest
by Ruth Hanessian, Wendy Bounds (Contributor)
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0812049969_m.gif (14148 bytes) Guide to a Well-Behaved Parrot
by Mattie Sue Athan, Matthew M. Vriends, Ph.D. (Editor)
(1993 - updated version due out in 1999)
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bk31.gif (1904 bytes)  Guide to Companion Parrot Behavior
by Mattie Sue Athan
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0764103326_m.gif (15076 bytes) Guide to the Senegal Parrot and Its Family
by Mattie Sue Athan, et al
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0876059701_m.gif (5459 bytes) My Parrot My Friend
by Bonnie Munro Boane, Thomas Qualkinbush (Contributor)
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0876055943_m.gif (12132 bytes) The Pleasures of Their Company:
An Owner's Guide to Parrot Training

by Bonnie Munro Doane, Richard Cole (Illustrator)
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bk31.gif (1904 bytes) Parrot Incubation Procedures: A Methodical Guide to
Incubation, Hatching, and Problem Hatches for the
by Rick Jordan
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bk31.gif (1904 bytes) Parrot Hand Feeding and Nursery Management
by Howard Voren, Rick Jordan
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