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General Parrot/Bird Information

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Dates in parentheses ( ) indicated publishing date

bk31.gif (1904 bytes) The Atlas of Parrots of the World
by David Alderton
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bk31.gif (1904 bytes) The Lexicon of Parrots
by Thomas Arndt; English translation by Tony Pittman.
Web site: http://www.arndt-verlag.com/index.html

0300074530_m.gif (7825 bytes) Parrots: A Guide to Parrots of the World
by Tony Juniper, Michael Parr
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bk31.gif (1904 bytes) Parrots and Related Birds
by Henry J. Bates, Robert I. Busenbark
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0876669593_m.gif (13615 bytes) Parrots of the World
by Joseph Forshaw
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bk31.gif (1904 bytes) Psittacine Aviculture: Perspectives, Techniques and Research
by Richard M. Schubot, Kevin J. Clubb, Susan L. Clubb 
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